Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) is a common issue for many women. With symptoms ranging from pain, swollen painful breasts, low mood and irritability, through a range of other physical and emotional states. It can be either an inconvenience or dominate someones life, and also affect those around them. The variations in hormones that control the menstrual cycle are complicated and when these get out of balance there are often no simple fixes.

Fortunately the range of herbs available to a herbalist is very wide. This is partly because historically health issues that were specifically female were more likely to be treated by a local female healer or family member, rather than a male doctor.This means that herbs have been identified all over the world that can help balance some aspect of the hormonal cycle. There are also herbs that can help with the different symptoms that affect people, from herbs to raise or lower mood, to those that reduce cramping and spasm.

A consultation with a herbalist allows the herbalist to identify which herbs may be suitable and also any dietary or lifestyle changes that may help (blood sugar balance is often an important contributing cause). Because PMT often varies between cycles it can take up to 3 months (or cycles) to know if a an improvement has occured. Where the issues are related to coming off the contraceptive pill it may take slightly longer to have their effect.

Conventional medicine does not have much available for the treatment of PMS, especially if you do not want to go on the contraceptive pill. Therefore herbalism is one of the best form of treatment available for PMS and worth considering.

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