Panic Attacks

One of the advantages of herbs over conventional medicines is that there is a group of herbs called adaptogens that can be used long term to help the body manage stress more appropriately. These are often useful as part of a herbal prescription for someone who suffers from panic attacks. Therefore in a situation such as panic attacks the herbalist will consider a range of different herbal prescriptions. Herbs can be used to reduce general stress levels, with another possibly treating the symptoms of the panic attacks themselves. This two (or more) pronged “attack” supports the person as they attempt to overcome the panic attacks.

The herbalist may work alongside (or may even suggest) other healthcare professionals such as counsellors, hypnotherapists, acupuncturists or others. They may also guide the person to address lifestyle issues that relate to the panic attacks, be they family, work, specific situations or others. Panic attacks can be very debilitating, and herbalism may form part of how you learn to reclaim control.

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