Menopause can affect different women in different ways. For some people they “sail throught the menopause”, for others it can be very detrimental to their standard of living. Symptoms themselves can vary from just one symptom such as hot flushes through to a range of symptoms including low energy, unexplained anger and more. As a change common to all women many different herbs from throughout the world have been used to alleviate the problems. This means that the herbalist has a large range of herbs to choose from, depending on the client’s pattern of symptoms.

The herbalist may also address effects related to the menopause itself such as insomnia (often from poor temperature control), tiredness (possibly due to insomnia, stress and anger) or irritability and anger. The treatment will vary from person to person. The herbalists have also worked with people who are experiencing the menopause after many years, even decades on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Some GPs are recommending that women try herbs to help them through the menopause rather than resorting to HRT.

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