Low Energy Levels

Low energy levels can have a complex series of causes. A medical herbalist can help to identify the cause and treat it, whether due to poor diet or digestion, poor sleep or reduced hormonal activity. They may use herbs that help with specific issues they identify during the consultation or may use herbs with traditional restorative properties (tonic herbs, adaptogens, nutritous herbs and more). The herbalist is also trained to consider the suitability of supplements that can be useful in specific situations, whether minerals such as iron, the B vitamins or specific supplements such as Co-enzyme Q10.

They may also consider other aspects of lifestyle such as recreation and physical activity. It is well known that exercise can help increase energy levels and sometimes you can transfer from a viscous circle of no energy therefore no exercise leading to even less energy, to the herbalist helping you to achieve enough physical energy, or a lighter mood, or less pain or some other aspect of life, leading to some exercise, leading to more energy and better mood, leading to more energy leading to more physical activity and so on.

Low energy can have effects on many aspects of life and exacerbate conditions such as arthritis, low mood and even a sense of isolation.

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