Herbs can effectively treat a large number of joint conditions (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, gout and other joint and muscular problems). The treatment of arthritis would typically include not only pain management, but also herbs to slow the progression of the disease. The herbalist has a wide range of herbs to choose from, antinflammatory herbs such as devil’s claw, arnica or ginger, herbs which can help “cleanse” the joint such as celery seed, birch and nettle, or herbs that promoted cell repair such as comfrey. The herbs can be taken internally, or applied topically (such as oils, creams, compresses).

There are also a number of critical dietary and lifestyle changes that herbalist can help you to understand and incorporate in your lifestyle. From foods which promite a more “acidic” environment in your body, to foods which increase inflammation in all cells in your body, through to foods which have beneficial effects, reducing inflammation, reducing pain and more. They may also recommend supplements that will vary depending on your condition, from basic supplements such as glucosamine to fast acting innovative supplements such as celadrin. All of our herbalist have a qualification in massage and can recommend either self-help techniques such as self-massage, or provide guidance on which physical therapies such as osteopathy, bowen technique, yoga, pilates or massage could provide additional benefit.

Improving joint health may require some radical changes in lifestyle, but the resulting improvement in pain and ease of movement should have a major positive impact on your quality of life.

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