Conditions Treated

Herbalists can treat the majority of the conditions that you would see the GP for. Like the GP they may recommend that you consult a specialist or attend hospital where this is appropriate. They can work both as complementary practitioners (working alongside conventional treatment such as prescription medicines) or as alternative therpists (where they are the main medical professional providing care). Often people see herbalists for persistant chronic conditions that resist conventional treatment (e.g. psoriasis and eczema) although they do also see clients for sudden or short term conditions such as colds, sore throats or simple injuries.

We have written a description of a number of conditions that our herbalists have treated, and tried to describe how treatment may proceed. We have not been able to describe every possible condition, so if you are unsure if your situation would be suitable for herbal treatment please ask us.

General Conditions

Skin Conditions are a common problem. From childhood eczema to psoriasis the herbalist can give herbs to work from the inside and the outside.
Pain Management can be a difficult issue, and the herbalist would work on reducing the pain itself and the emotional aspects of chronic pain.
Arthritis is common in the older population, herbs can help reduce inflammation, improve joint function and more.
Low Energy Levels are common, although the causes can vary. Herbs can be chosen to help address emotional, physical or nutritional problems.


Digestive Complaints are amongst the most common reason to see the herbalist. For conditions such as IBS, Crohns disease and candediasis the herbalist has herbs and other supplements that can help.

Hormonal Problems and Female Health

Although mainly a female issue, hormonal problems may also affect males. There are herbs that can help balance hormone levels or address the effects of unbalanced hormones in both men and women.

Circulatory Complaints

The circulatory system has many possible problems and the herbalist has herbs such as hawthorn, limeflower, motherwort, garlic and a range of other supplements that can support this vital system.
High Blood Pressure

Mood and Mind

The interaction between your mind and your body has been known for many centuries, however does not often form a part of conventional medical treatment. The herbalist is trained to recognise where physical symptoms are affected by the mind and also where changes to your mood may come from physical problems, and to treat these accordingly. They may also recommend lifestyle changes such as a darker bedroom to help insomnia or ways to manage stress levels.
Panic Attacks

Some Specialist Conditions

Our herbalists have treated hundreds of specialist conditions and where appropriate can consult resources such as experts, books, research articles and more. Some of the specialist areas that we have treated include: –

Other Conditions

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