Herbalists at Talks and Events

A successful talk needs a few key ingredients:-
• A knowledgeable speaker.
• Enthusiasm for the subject.
• A range of materials and approaches to tailor the event to the audience.
• Things to do, to make, to experience.

Our herbalists have all these and more!

Some of the events and talks we have previously done include;


How to Cope with the Menopause – A common request from some groups.
Herbs for stress relief, alternative drinks to tea and coffee – A common request from some groups.


Pollok Park family day, herbal tea tasting with complementary therapy taster sessions.
GCC Springwatch event in Kelvingrove Park was a busy exciting event where …


Making herbal things for less able students at Glasgow Nautical College.

Evening Classes

We can arrange for evening classes for organisations or groups that allows more in depth learning on topics such as simple self-treatment or maing natural skincare.

Staff Training

We have carried out training of staff working with local community groups addressing environmental and sustainable issues. This has allowed the organisation to carry out their own events using herbal tea, creams etc

Children’s Herbal Workshops

We have carried out dedicated childrens herbal workshops and all herbalists at glasgow-herbalist have disclosure scotland registration.

If you have an event or idea that you think we could help with please contact us

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