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Why do I need a consultation with a herbalist?

A herbal prescription consists of herbs not only to treat the symptoms but also the cause of the symptoms. Even though two people may have the same symptoms, the underlying causes may be different, therefore their prescriptions will be different. A medical herbalist takes a full medical history of the patient in order to write an individual prescription for each patient.

How long will I need to take the herbal medicine?

Many conditions which are presented to a medical herbalist have been around for months or years. These conditions may be due to underlying problems which have been around for many years, therefore it will take a while for these conditions to resolve. For this reason it is possible that you will need to see the herbalist for a number of months before the problem is resolved. This does not mean however that herbs only work slowly. Conditions which have just appeared can be treated quicker. For instance a recent cold could be shifted quickly with herbal treatment.

Why do I need to come back to see the herbalist?

After the first appointment the herbalist will prescribe a number of herbs. They will then wish to have a further consultation in a few weeks. This is in order for the herbalist to check the progress of the treatment and to adjust the herbal prescription. The prescription may need to be adjusted for a number of reasons: some herbs are only used for limited time periods; the condition may change over time requiring a prescription change; the herbalist wishes the herbs to have different effects at different times (for instance a long term infection may be treated initially with herbs to remove the infection, and then with herbs to heal any damage caused by the infection); or because the herbs originally chosen were found to be unsuitable.

Why are the Herbs and Consultation Priced Separately?

There are normally 3 different ways that a herbalist charges: pay for the herbs and the appointment separately; pay for the appointments and the herbs are ‘free’; pay for the herbs and the appointment is ‘free’. While you may appear to save money by having a ‘free’ appointment the price of the herbs will be inflated to cover the cost of the herbalist’s time. We believe that charging for the appointment and the herbs separately is fairest.

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