Glasgow’s Leading Herbalists

About Our Medical Herbalists

What training does a Medical Herbalist have?
At Woodland Herbs our Medical Herbalists are members of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (MNIMH or FNIMH) and are trained in Herbal Medicine to degree level. This training includes not only the action of herbs; but also Physiology, Anatomy, Pharmacology and diagnostic techniques.

Anna Hill Medical Herbalist MNIMH

After completing her PhD in Human Physiology Anna worked as a research scientist at Imperial College Medical School (University of London), and then in the Western Hospital (University of Edinburgh). During this time she started training as a Medical Herbalist at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine (University of Wales). She is particularly interested in providing a natural approach to health, but with a sound grounding in science and medicine. She treats a wide number of different conditions, for clients young and old.

Bill Cleeve Medical Herbalist MNIMH

Bill is one of the most experienced herbalists practicing on the West Coast of Scotland. He qualified in 1998 and became a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in 1999. He was a clinical supervisor at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, where he supervised undergraduates training for their degree in Herbal Medicine.

Catriona Gibson MNIMH BSc

Catriona is a medical herbalist working in Glasgow seeing clients from across the West of Scotland. Catriona works with patients with a range of health conditions, particularly chronic / long term ailments. Before becoming a medical herablist, Catriona worked for drug and homelessness charities and has extensive experience supporting people in times of change in their lives. These changes can be both emotional and physical and Catriona often works in tandem with other professional such as GPs, consultants, counsellors and physiotherapists.

Catriona trained as a herbalist with both the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine and the University of East London and experienced a range of different approaches to herbal medicine and patient care. Catriona is also involved with hands-on herbal medicine and regularly gives talks and workshops to groups and individuals with an interest in plant medicine.

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